Does our service affect the safety of the utensils used for eating?

  • Of course not, we do not use any substances that are harmful to your health in our products. However, they cannot be cleaned in dishwashers.

How is the experience dealing with our team?

  • When communicating with us, we provide you with the (price, form, types of transaction, delivery date, payment facilities, and models) and everything you need to know. We offer options that will help you make a wise choice.

Does our products dishwasher safe?

  • Since dishwasher contains salt but time this will remove the decorations from our products not only our products but also any decorated glassware, so it is not dishwasher safe.

What is our message to customers?

  • We are a company that offers attractive products and can be reached easily. 
  • We offer products that are loved by all tastes and target groups.
  • We offer customized made. (specific conditions)
  • We do our best to be creative, innovative and to attract many categories through our work.
  • We honor the delivery date.
  • We facilitate payment methods that suit you.
  • We offer you the latest trendy designs.
  • The products are verified by the customer before the transaction is completed by sending samples or in any way suitable for the customer.